We Can Help

What to Expect the First Day

CHMO is an open intake facility for young people, 16-21 years old. We openly accept you as you are, and encourage you to embrace the positive opportunities offered to you.


First, we’ll ask you the important question “What do you need?”
Let us know how we can help you.

If you have any identification, medication or clothing, please bring it with you.
We can also provide you with clothing and toiletries.

You will be processed by a security guard who will check you in. An intake specialist will also greet you and ask to speak with you.

Once you have completed the intake process, you will either be encouraged to attend an Education or Life Skills class in session, or be shown your bedroom on the Crisis Services floor.

You will be asked to remain at CHMO for 48 hours to meet with your Case Management Team and Therapist and develop an action plan.

Designing Your Own Path


Mental Health Services

At the foundation of our work is our dedication to providing Mental Health Services to help you succeed.

Currently we:

  • Provide individual and family counseling with a licensed professional counselor;
  • Connect you with a case manager to help you design your path to independence.

By 2018 we will:

  • Expand mental health services;
  • Realign staff to support you in your journey to wellness; and
  • Shift to a clinical model of Trauma Informed Care to best support your individual needs.

Education and Career Development

Our Education and Employment Services will give you the tools you need to develop a plan toward independence.

Currently we:

  • Offer a five-day employment skills course to prepare you for your job search;
  • Connect you with internships with leading businesses in the metro St. Louis area; and
  • Offer on-the-job training through the Garden Rangers program.

In Fall 2016 we will:

  • Pilot a unique program model that integrates Education and Career Development with Mental Health Services so you can design your own path to personal and professional success. In addition to what we currently offer, under the new model:
    • You can choose between degree options including high school diploma or high school equivalency certificate;
    • Your schedule will include a half day in school and a half day in career development;
    • Individual learning styles will be assessed so we can best help you succeed; and
    • Therapy will be integrated throughout the day.

Residential Services

Our Residential Services provide a place for you through every step of your journey toward independence.

Currently we:

  • Provide you with safe, temporary shelter coupled with intensive support services to help you regain stabilization through our Crisis Care program.
  • Offer you a stable and supportive living environment while you work to develop the skills and tools needed to achieve independence in our Transitional Living Program.

By 2018 we will:

  • Design a service for you when you’re ready to move beyond Crisis but not yet ready to -take the step to the Transitional Living Program. The Pre-TLP program will help you transition into independence.

Community Services

Our Community Services are open and available to you whenever you’re ready to take the step toward independence.

Currently we:

  • Open the Drop-In Center every afternoon to young people in our community. It’s a place of wellness and recreation where you can have fun and learn important values for self-improvement. In addition we often host specific programs or activities to help you grow and succeed.
  • May patrol identified streets and neighborhoods offering emergency assistance as part of our Street Outreach program.
  • Give Runaway Prevention presentations to young people attending high-risk high schools or detention centers through our Safe Outreach program.

By 2018 we will:

  • Launch a community-based Independent Living Program available to you once you graduate from the TLP program. You’ll have a stable housing foundation from which to continue developing your independent living skills.