Executive Sleeper Spotlight: Dave Smith

We cannot thank you enough for your enthusiasm and positive efforts toward our Sleep Out: Executive Edition. Our sixth annual event is just TWO weeks away! You have already raised more than $98,000 for homeless youth in Missouri and we still have two weeks left to kick in to gear and reach our goal of $450,000. The funds raised by this event will go directly to helping young people find a way off the street to safety, warmth, advanced education, employment and so much more.

Some of our attendees are repeat sleepers, but for many of our participants, this is their first year sleeping out. That’s the case for Board Member Dave Smith. On November 16, he’ll be laying out his cardboard box in our parking lot and settling in for the night. “I’ve learned that until you truly experience the path that others follow, you cannot understand their needs,” says Dave. “This allows all of us that have a warm, secure home to really live the situation of our youth, for just one night.”

Dave understands that sleeping outside in November is no easy feat. He knows the temperature will be cold and the night will get uncomfortable. But he believes this experience will open his eyes to the challenges our youth face, and hopefully, be a catalyst for change.

“I know I will get a better understanding on the real needs of our youth, how individuals in this area can contribute, and how we can make the St. Louis community a much better place to live,” says Dave. “Until we better understand those less fortunate than us, it will be hard to start this process.”

If you would like to join Dave on November 16— there’s still time! Each sleeper commits to raising a minimum of $5,000 in support of Covenant House Missouri’s mission. This represents the amount needed to support one youth in our Transitional Living Program for six months.  You can contact our Executive Director, Sue King, at sking@covenanthousemo.org or 314-450-7661. You can also go to stlouis.executivesleepout.org for more information.

If you can’t sleep out, you can still support Dave or any of our sleepers. Go to stlouis.executivesleepout.org and click on “Who’s Sleeping Out.” You will see a list of participating sleepers and you can donate on any individual’s page. Your support will help us reach our fundraising goal of $450,000.

Please join us on November 16. We’re sleeping out for one night, so a homeless youth won’t have to.

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