Executive Sleeper Spotlight: Jon Nienas

Excitement is building! Our Sleep Out: Executive Edition is just THREE weeks away. On Thursday, November 16, 2017, community leaders will spend one night on the parking lot of Covenant House Missouri to increase awareness of youth homelessness and raise funds in support of our organization’s mission. Equipped with a sleeping bag and a cardboard box, chief executive officers, company presidents, faith leaders, philanthropists, and other community change-makers will join Covenant House sites across North America to take part in this vitally-important fundraising event.

Jon Nienas, Board President and third year sleeper, knows first-hand what an eye-opening experience this is.“When you’re out there for just one night, it’s hard. You don’t get good sleep. I’m anticipating going home, but these kids have to do it night after night,” says Jon. “I get to experience what they go through, even though it’s just a sliver of what they experience on a regular basis. These kids need our help and they need it now.”

Jon knows that on any given night in the St. Louis metropolitan area, 3,000 homeless youth sleep under bridges, on park benches, and in vacant buildings. “Covenant House Missouri is an organization that is taking souls from a very difficult spot, to a much better place,” says Jon. “We are helping youth who are in the margins of our society. We are improving lives, one after another, and improving our own community here in St. Louis.”

There’s still time to join Jon and sleep out. Each sleeper commits to raising a minimum of $5,000 in support of Covenant House Missouri’s mission. This represents the amount needed to support one youth in our Transitional Living Program for six months. For more information, go to stlouis.executivesleepout.org or contact our Executive Director, Sue King, at sking@covenanthousemo.org or (314)450-7661.

If you can’t sleep out, you can still support Jon or any of our sleepers. Go to stlouis.executivesleepout.org and click on “Who’s Sleeping Out.” You will see a list of participating sleepers and you can donate on any individual’s page. Your support will help us reach our fundraising goal of $450,000.

Please join us on November 16. Together, we will help homeless and disconnected youth design their own paths to independence.

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