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From Surviving to Thriving

Covenant House Missouri continues to be a place of hope and direction for young people who are homeless and disconnected. The vast majority of the youth who come to CHMO have experienced abuse, neglect and poverty. Many of them are forced to flee their homes to escape unhealthy and unstable environments. Still, the young people we serve show a tremendous resilience and resourcefulness in obtaining what they need to survive.

These young people have the desire to change, but often lack the skills, tools and resources needed to make that change happen. The services CHMO provides are critical to the transformation of these young people’s lives. Our programs help youth develop character and life skills which allow them to become self-sufficient, productive and contributing members of society.

Kane’s Story

Before Kane found CHMO, he was living on the streets. By receiving and participating in residential and educational services, Kane changed his outlook on life and chose to design a positive path toward independence and personal success. Today, Kane is a Navy corpsman. “If it weren’t for Covenant House, I have no doubt that I would be one of the folks you see on the street asking for spare change,” he says.

Ashley’s Story

Ashley discovered CHMO after she fled from an abusive adoptive home. Without any relatives or support network to help her through this time, Ashley enrolled in CHMO’s Crisis Program. With the support of CHMO staff, she was able to stabilize and begin to set goals for permanent housing. She then moved to the Transitional Living Program, which gave her a long-term housing option while receiving much-needed support services. These critical tools helped Ashley find direction in her life. She now serves in the United States Armed Forces, and says that joining the military was “the best decision of her life.” Ashley is grateful to CHMO for providing her with the safety and structure that she needed to succeed.

Daniel’s Story

“Daniel,” came to CHMO after his sister successfully completed the Transitional Living Program. Daniel was living with his mother previously; but this environment was emotionally unhealthy. When he first arrived at CHMO, Daniel’s grades were failing and he was showing signs of low self-esteem. To empower him to design his own path toward success, Daniel received counseling services through the agency’s on-site comprehensive mental health program. He developed positive peer relationships and gained healthy adult role models at CHMO. Soon he showed progress both at school and socially. He graduated from high school and went on to enroll at a local university - the same school as his sister. Daniel wants to become an educator and a basketball coach, so he may help youth that may be struggling just as he once was.

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